Sony makes a wearable air conditioner

The Reon Pocket is a fairly slim palm-sized white plastic device that charges over USB-C and connects to your iOS or Android phone with Bluetooth. It definitely looks like a Sony gadget. There’s a silicone pad on the back that you can press against your skin, and the Reon Pocket uses the Peltier effect to cool or warm itself up by absorbing and releasing heat. You can use it handheld, but the most widely promoted use cases involves buying Sony’s special V-neck undershirts with a pocket on the inner back to keep the device resting between your shoulder blades.

 The app is pretty simple and gives you direct control over the Reon Pocket’s temperature settings. There are three levels of cooling or warming, plus an additional boost mode that’s limited to two minutes and a control for the speed of the “fan.” You can also set automatic modes that kick in whenever you turn the device on with its own power button rather than using the app. It lasts around 2-3 hours on a charge, depending on the intensity of your settings.

 The device only weighs about 80 grams, so beyond the cooling and warming effects it doesn’t really feel noticeable when you’re wearing it in the undershirt, and it doesn’t stick out beneath another layer of clothing. It is, however, a little awkward to insert it once the undershirt is on — you need to get a good fit in the pocket, which is hard to do with your hands behind your back.

 The Reon Pocket is out now exclusively in Japan. It costs 13,000 yen ($122) for the device itself, and the undershirts (available in white or beige) are 1,800 yen ($17) each. The app does work in English, if you’re looking to import.

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