iDigit - Accounting Management System

iDigit provides companywide control and integration of financial information to assist your business making better decisions   

iDigit is an accounting management system designed and developed by iSystems development team, along with the tech guys a team of  experienced and qualified accountants participated in the development process making sure that the software is reliable, compatible, and sufficient in terms of accounting methodologies and processes.

The idea was to develop a local accounting system that is very flexible and can be tailored easily to suit any business, not a feature freak app nor an app lacking essential functions, it’s exactly what you want. Not to mention the availability in Kurdish language which is a big advantage over the other solutions in the market supporting either English or Arabic languages.

iDigit is continuously reviewed by our accountants and updated by our technical team to keep the app improving and growing, which will eventually lead to growth and improvement to our clients. iDigit can be integrated with the rest of our products to create CRM and ERP solutions.

We aim to keep developing iDigit to compete against regional and international competitors.

Some of the functionalities covered by the solution:

Chart of accounts – Default is the Iraqi unified accounting system (Customizable)
Accounting entries
Compound Journal Entry 
Accounts payable 
Accounts receivable
Accounting Reports
Balance Sheets (financial Position Statement)
Commercial Discounts
Financial Statements
Income Summary Account
Inventory Valuation
Net Assets, Income and Loss calculation

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