iClinic - Clinic Management System

i.Clinic is Web-Services based Clinic Management System. It can be used in any Polyclinics, single Clinic to maintain patient information 


It’s an ERP [Enterprise Resource Planning] suite of software modules to computerize any Clinic. It is fully online, it could be used as a web based software, mobile or even desktop application. The information is available anytime, anywhere. There are plenty of exhaustive modules, which make the software User friendly, highly versatile, Quick installable, Completely Database driven, and Centralized Database Clinic Information Management System.

1. Lack of immediate information retrievals
2. Lack of immediate information storage
3. Lack of prompt updating
4. Physical space consumption
5. Stored data is susceptible to lose
6. Preparation of accurate and prompt reports
7. Time consuming

i.Clinic Consist of 3 main sections
- Manage daily patient list
- Manage patient status according to the clinic process
- Create and edit patient profiles
- View assigned returning date of patient
- Send reminders to patients via viber/sms (optional)
- Scan and attach physical medical documents to patient profile
- Generate statistic reports
- Many other features..

View list of patients as per current date or any specific date
Patient checkup
- View patient information already registered with his/her account
- View patients medical history
- Review patients archived records from previous visits
- Initial diagnosis area - Predefined & customizable templates available with auto complete feature.
- Assign required lab tests - User Customizable
- Create a preferred list of medications
- Medication and lab test prescriptions printout
- Patient referral to other doctors

Reports: Doctor can generate statistical & analytical reports based on wide range of criteria’s as per a given date period
- Number of patients
- Type of medications prescribed
- Total Laboratory tests prescribed
- Filtering specific cases per specific diagnosis
- Statistical charts available
- Extra reports can be created as per request

- Create and manage different accounts for different revenue sources
- Daily revenue reports
- Clinic expenses management
- Wide range of financial reports

- Create a list of preferred and frequently prescribed medications
- Add the most frequent Laboratory analyzes and reuse them easily
- Create and manage users accessing the system
- Set the default checkup rate per visit
- Many other customizable settings

- EMR (Electronic Medical Record) for patients
- Barcode generation for all patient profiles (Optional)
- Printing plastic Ids’ (Optional)
- Utilizing barcode readers (Optional)
- Sending follow up/notification emails
- Urgent notification area
- An extra screen to display patient queue in the waiting room. So that all patients know their turn
- Once data is available we can assist to generate customized reports to be used in researches and conferences
- Connecting i.Clinic to X.Ray centers, pharmacies, and test labs to place orders instantly and follow up financial revenues (Optional)
- Can be deployed for multi clinic/multi doctor clinics, where the main receptionist assign each patient to the required doctor/clinic.
- You have lectures or operations and you want to know the queue status in your clinic? we got you covered, check it online, see how many
- patients present at the moment. Or customize what data you want to see.
- User interface available in 3 languages (English, Arabic, and Kurdish)

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