About us

We are specialized in information and communication technologies, we are a client-oriented IT Hardware/Software, Network Solutions, and Systems integration company. Our official motto “Innovative Solutions” states exactly what we are all about, we think out of the box and focus on solutions. We strive to exceed our client’s expectations by providing a completely new level of professional services.

In 2008, we laid down the early foundations of Interactive Systems Ltd. Today and after +10 years, we acquired an outstanding experience and we are here to provide high quality services in terms of technicality, proficiency and reliability.

Interactive Systems Ltd is a privately owned company established and funded by local, young entrepreneurs from Kurdistan region. The name is driven from the concept of Interactivity, as we believe up to the most that positive and proactive interactivity is key to success in every business.



With the aim of becoming a globally trusted company, we are committed to providing superior services to rival the biggest technology companies. We strive for the highest quality to meet your needs.


Our mission is to deliver cutting-edge information technology, to build reliable high performance networks, and to provide the best services, support, training and education for you.

Our Team

All companies are only as strong as their employees, Interactive Systems is no different. All our employees are certified, courteous, professional and able to work in the most demanding situations. At Interactive Systems we continually invest in and educate all of our staff to make sure they have the latest certifications and understand the cutting edge of Information Technology.

Client Portfolio

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